Google Ads Keyword Matching Guide

I run an online t-shirt shop. I recently noticed that one of my keywords, binary tree shirt, generated a click. Problem is, the person who clicked on my ad was searching for edd china binary t shirt which is distinctively different than the binary tree shirt I’m selling. That money may have been better spent if I threw it in a wishing well. How can I prevent this from happening in the future?

An R User's Guide To Setting Up Python

In this guide I’ll cover how I set up Python with a few tips and tricks to make it an easier transition from R and RStudio. Anaconda We’ll be using the Anaconda distribution to install Python. AFAIK, the main reason Anaconda exists is because it allows you to have multiple instances of Python installed and potentially running at the same time. If you do freelance work like myself, this can be useful if client ABC uses Python 3.