Neural Networks For Your Dog - 2.4 Pocket Algorithm

2.4 Pocket Algorithm

In this lecture, we’ll discuss and code up a Perceptron with the pocket algorithm allowing the Perceptron to learn and fit data that’s not linearly separable.


Course Curriculum

(See the code on GitHub)

  1. Introduction
    1.1 Introduction
  2. Perceptron
    2.1 MNIST Dataset
    2.2 Perceptron Model
    2.3 Perceptron Learning Algorithm
    2.4 Pocket Algorithm
    2.5 Multiclass Support
    2.6 Perceptron To Neural Network
  3. Neural Network
    3.1 Simple Images
    3.2 Random Weights
    3.3 Gradient Descent
    3.4 Multiclass Support
    3.5 Deep Learning
    3.6 Stochastic Gradient Descent
    3.7 Going Further

Additional Content

  1. Python NumPy For Your Grandma
  2. Python Pandas For Your Grandpa
  3. Introduction To Google Colab