Python Pandas For Your Grandpa | Section 1.1 | Introduction

Course Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Series
    2.1 Series Creation
    2.2 Series Basic Operations
    2.3 Series Basic Indexing
    2.4 Series Overwriting Data
    2.5 Series Apply
    2.6 Series Concatenation
    2.7 Series Boolean Indexing
    2.8 Series View Vs Copy
    2.9 Series Missing Values
    2.10 Series Challenges

Hi and welcome my course - Python pandas For Your Grandpa, so easy your grandpa could learn it. You probably already know, pandas is Python’s go-to package for data wrangling tasks, typically for data science and machine learning. In this course we’ll cover pretty much every important aspect of pandas like reading and writing data to a file, merging data, grouping data, and so on.. But before we get started let’s touch on a few things.

Firstly, pandas was originally created by Wes McKinney in 2008 so we should give him a lot of props, but since then, it’s been worked on by over 1,000 different developers.

pandas is built largely on top of NumPy which means you should have some understanding of what NumPy is and how it works before you try to learn pandas. Also, you should know some basic python like how to use a lambda function as they’re really useful in pandas.

Lastly, you can install the latest version of pandas using pip install pandas.