Python NumPy For Your Grandma (Introducing GormAnalysis Courses)

UPDATE 2019-12-17
I’ve published the entire course, Python NumPy For Your Grandma, for free on YouTube.

Course Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. NumPy Arrays
    2.1 What’s A NumPy Array
    2.2 Creating NumPy Arrays
    2.3 Indexing And Modifying 1-D Arrays
    2.4 Indexing And Modifying Multidimensional Arrays
    2.5 Basic Math
  3. Intermediate Array Stuff
    3.1 Broadcasting
    3.2 newaxis
    3.3 reshape
    3.4 boolean indexing
    3.5 nan
    3.6 infinity
    3.7 random
  4. Common Operations
    4.1 where
    4.2 Math Funcs
    4.3 all and any
    4.4 concatenate
    4.5 Stacking
    4.6 Sorting
    4.7 unique
  5. Challenges

I’m super excited to announce the launch of GormAnalysis courses, starting with Python NumPy For Your Grandma which makes NumPy so simple your grandma could learn it!

GormAnalysis Courses, You Say?

I’ve been blogging about technical topics for years, but the truth is, I prefer learning from videos, especially ones with lots of graphics. I’ve long thought about taking the logical leap from written blog to video format. I even tried doing this once about a year ago, but it was an epic failure, mostly due to my crummy voice and inability to speak and code at the same time, sometimes crashing and burning 15+ minutes into a solid take. Ugh.

This time, I wrote a script and hired a voice actor. I did the graphics in Keynote and cut the whole thing together with iMovie. They might as well mail me the academy award today. ..Well, maybe it’s not academy award worthy, but I am pleased with the final result. The course itself is hosted on teachable and costs $35 for full access, but the first nine videos are available for free, so you can try it before you buy it. (They’re also on YouTube.) It’s not as much of a course per se, as it is a collection of videos on-demand. There are no formal tests and there’s no timeline, but there are some challenge problems (and solutions) presented in video format. And there’s code. Oh, and you’re probably more likely to get a quick, well-written response from me if you’re enrolled.

Python NumPy For Your Grandma

Lately I’ve been getting more into Python and if you want to use Python for data science, you need to have a solid grasp of NumPy. Although I’ve used NumPy for years, I only kind of understood it, and I never really took a deep dive into the package until now. So, over the past month, I’ve condensed everything I learned about NumPy into this course - about 1 hour of content spread over 29 videos with a handsomely paid British narrator.

Here’s the course introduction hosted on YouTube.

Calling For Your Help

Making this course took a decent bit of money and a lot of time and effort. I would love to make more courses in the future, but it only makes sense if I can at least cover my expenses. If you want to see more courses in the future, or if you’re just a fan of my work, here are some ways you can support my efforts.

Thanks a ton.